Tutelage From World Tour Surfer Owen Wright. Images Courtesy of SNSW

Surfers complete Surfing NSW's free Board Rescue Course 24/7.

Surfers complete Surfing NSW’s free Board Rescue Course 24/7.

World Tour surfer Owen Wright talks shop with Sutherland Shire's next crop of aspiring pro surfers

World Tour surfer Owen Wright talks shop with Sutherland Shire’s next crop of aspiring pro surfers.

SYDNEY (Monday, 27 May 2013): Current World Tour surfer, Owen Wright and former World Tour surfer, Phil MacDonald joined forces with Surfing NSW last Friday to develop the Shire’s next generation of surfing champions.
The junior boys development camp supported by Sutherland Shire Council and Tradies, was designed to facilitate a range of training and development techniques for the male surfers who finished in the top of their regional titles recently. Continue reading

Teenage Rampage in the Canary Islands

Article taken from Federacion Canaria De Surf


The Fourth Test Championship Surfing Canary Ocean Earth Teen Rampage SHARK amply fulfilled all expectations, both in performance and in participation. The 107 enrolled in this edition have placed in the top event of the races held in the Archipelago.

The wave conditions accompanied the show, especially in the day on Saturday morning with the U14 category in action. Younger showed his skill in the difficult conditions of La Cicer, surfing big waves. A total of 24 sleeves were thrown into the water on the first day of competition, ending with the finals of the categories U14, U16 and Women.

The Open category had to wait for the day on Sunday to take action, but the wait was worth it. A perfect wave conditions and the high level of the participants made ​​clear the good health of Surfing in the Canary Islands.

The surfer Javier Medina reached the top 10 of the event by performing a very good tube, then connecting with a good twist. Hours later, Diaz Luca SUB18 competitor surfearía the best wave of the competition. An excellent tube into a large wave, linking two maneuvers at the start, became unanimously by 10 judges for the event.

The excellent competitive level accompanied with good surf conditions and attendees enjoyed the two days Cicer spectacular with the best riders in the archipelago. Canarian Surf Federation appreciates the contributions of all the sponsors that benefit the good development of Canarian Circuit and allow Surf lovers enjoy their sport in the best conditions.

Gallery of Photography by Alberto Sosa